A Physician’s Apology

This is crazy but…..true.  As a physician, I’ve written for thousands of prescriptions to my patients.  All with the best of intentions and all with tons of research behind them.  Tragically, the ‘best of intentions’ killed over 100,000 patients.  Why?  Lots of reasons, but the fact remains:  the only difference between poison and a medication or supplement is the dose.  Imagine that a giant 747 carries 300 people.  If we crashed 330 of these planes a year, what are the chances you’d take one cross country?  Bet you’d take the train with me!  And in Viet Nam we lost 58,000 troops over 18 years.  What’s my point?  100,000 deaths from medicines is a disaster.  Are medicines evil?  Nope. But jeez, check what med or supplement you’re taking.  What’s the risk versus benefit?  Nuff said.  I’m off to pop an aspirin.  I mean, how can it hurt?!!!!!!

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